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SongPop is a music guessing game created by Fresh Planet Inc. This wiki is for discussing both SongPop 1 & 2 and keeping track of all the music available.

SongPop had more than 60 million downloads and 2.4 million active daily users.

You can play it on Facebook here or download the app for Apple devices and Android devices.


It is a social multiplayer game in which players must recognise songs or artists and answer in a multiple choice format.

Critical Reaction

SongPop was the top rated game of 2012, based on games that launched on Facebook in 2012 and received the highest star ratings from players and engagement levels over the course of the year.


SongPop asks players to choose the name of a song or the artist of the song, with a four option multiple choice interface.

The faster a player guesses, the more points they get.

Players can remove two of the options by using "song note" chips.


Players can choose 1 of 3 playlists, that contain songs matching that genre.

Players earn more songs in a playlist by earning stars, that are public to any opponent to show how skilled you are at that playlist.

These stars are gained by answering 3 or more consecutive songs correctly in a round.

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